Insure against DDoS attacks on networks vital for delivery of any uptime service including VoIP

The past few months have been hectic for VoIP providers and users due to the recent rise in DDoS attacks aimed at VoIP providers. Attackers adopted a combination of TCP, UDP, SIP and DNS attacks to bring down targeted VoIP services. Attacks were seen over 100 Gbps with high packet rate over millions per second, resulting in network congestion, call failure and poor call quality.

Key Features:

  • Fully managed DDoS protection solution for your network infrastructure
  • Increase & maintain network availability
  • Continuous development by Nexusguard against latest threats
  • Protect against reflected, amplification and advanced DNS-based attacks
  • Protect against DNS spoofing, cache poisoning, tunnelling, & hijacking.
  • Real-time mitigation with customized Dashboard, view real-time traffic & attack events with periodic reports

Key Benefits:

  • Focus on your core business & leave DDoS mitigation to the experts
  • Protects your network infrastructures and devices from Layer 3/4 (volumetric) DDoS attacks
  • 100% DNS availability, maintains user access to websites & applications
  • Flexible deployments suits different deployment requirements
  • SLA commitments with monthly performance review reports
  • Avoid negative publicity & customer churn

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