Boosting your Telco cybersecurity with DDoS mitigation: Aligning cybersecurity with your corporate business model

Telcos are at an increased risk of DDoS attacks. The need to incorporate cybersecurity at the centre of corporate business models is becoming integral. While telcos are digitizing, they must continue to align their transformation goals with their cybersecurity services. As investments in new technologies and digital infrastructure grow, the implications of not having a strong cybersecurity infrastructure are large.

Watch on demand to find out how a Telco can combat current threats in the market and ensure a safe space to grow over the next decade.

What’s Inside:

  • Discussing the current state of the Telco cybersecurity landscape in Europe/US
  • Previous lessons learned for Telcos in mitigating DDoS attacks?
  • Where’s the value? Maximising revenue & monetizing DDoS protection
  • Delivering DDoS and ensuring overall business continuity


Thorvardur Sveinsson
CEO, Farice

Bjorn Vik
CEO, Co-Founder, N0r5ke Communication Services

Donny Chong
Product Director, Nexusguard

Frederico Dias
Chief Security Officer, Truphone

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